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General terms and conditions of sale - purchase from a distance under the Law on Consumer Protection / CPA / between www.opreff.com, hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER, on the one hand and the person consenting to these Terms, called below for brevity USER, the other in connection with ordering and purchasing of goods offered by www.opreff.com - e-shop.

Subject to contract

Article 1. Provider provides the user the ability to comply and compliance with these Terms to purchase goods offered in www.opreff.com - e-shop.

Article 2. Provider publishes at  www.opreff.com : description of the main characteristics and image of each item, as specified by the manufacturer, sale price, including VAT and tariff value of postage or transport costs not included in the price of goods associated with their delivery, information on payment methods, delivery and performance of the contract, the value of using the means of distance communication where it is calculated differently than that of the basic tariff, the consumer's right and the terms and conditions for exercise him to withdraw from the contract and the conditions under which goods can be returned except under the protection of consumers, the period for which the offer price and remain in force, the minimum length of contract - in contracts or permanent periodic supply of goods or services.

Purchase order

Article 3. To obtain the right to make valid applications for the purchase of goods offered in  www.opreff.com , the User must complete the electronic registration form located on the Website - www.opreff.com. In completing the electronic order form user is obliged to provide the required and correct data. User warrants that the data provided in the ordering process are true, complete and accurate.

Article 4. In order user is "online" agree with these Terms, which shall be deemed to be bound by their provisions, by which time the opportunity arises for him to make valid applications for the purchase of goods offered by  www.opreff.com . In any dispute which person has expressed a willingness to be bound by the text of these General Conditions for Contracting Party shall be deemed the person who paid the price applied for purchase of goods.

Article 5. Filing is through the consistent implementation of the following steps: determining the type and quantity of the goods and confirmation of the application by pressing a virtual "Order" button, marked against the relevant items, review the information supply (option to change the delivery address , indicating the preferred delivery time and determining additional conditions to the query, selecting the method of payment of the purchase price of the goods.

Article 6. The application for purchase of goods shall be deemed to have occurred after pressing "confirm". When referred to incomplete, incorrect or wrong address and / or phone number when filing the application, it shall be deemed void and the Contractor shall not incur a debt for its implementation.

Article 7. Purchase order is accepted by the Supplier by sending a message back to the electronic mailbox for correspondence with the user, which contains the information specified in Articles 2 and data for invoice and delivery address. The application takes effect between the parties after checking the availability of the requested purchase item after confirmation of its validity of that by the User telephone or by sending a message to his electronic mailbox for correspondence.

Prices and payment

Article 8. All prices are in Bulgarian leva, VAT included. Specified prices of the items are for the unit and cut, if different from it or for cash and do not include delivery costs. In cases where the selling price of the product or service is composed of individual elements with corresponding sales prices, the sum of sales prices is written clearly and precisely the ultimate price. Payable by the consumer selling price is indicated in the invitation to purchase goods at the time of application for purchase.

Article 9. The price in the preceding article and delivery charges can be paid by any of the following ways: cash or bank transfer, the User is obliged to pay the purchase price of goods purchased by him, as well as postal or transport costs not included in this price associated with its delivery.


Article 10. Applied to purchase goods are delivered with appropriate according the type of packaging and transport of that by the Consumer shipping address in sufficient time under the circumstances specified in the notice under Article 7.

Transmission of the product

Article 11. This product is transmitted to the delivery address of the User or third party who accepts and acknowledges receipt of same on behalf of User. Upon delivery of the product user or third party signed the accompanying documents serving as proof of delivery of goods. If the User is not found in the delivery period for the given address or not be given access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, the Contractor shall be released from his obligation to deliver the goods. The user can confirm his wish to receive the goods after expiry of delivery, which was not found at the address, assuming all costs of delivery. In this case, start a new delivery time from the moment of confirmation in the previous sentence.

Rights and obligations of the Provider

Article 12. Contractor undertakes: to transfer ownership of the User applied to purchase goods, to deliver within the stated purchase goods, to take due care to perform their duties.

Article 13. Provider has the right: to place electronic links to other Internet sites and resources, and banner ads to sell goods and services from third parties, including electronic links and banners pointing to other websites and user profile to send unsolicited commercial messages to the User in order to offer information and advertisements on its own or offered by other vendors of goods and / or services and to make inquiries on a variety of issues, conduct polls and others, to collect and use information about its users when same register, which may include name, surname, address, occupation, gender, age group, phone, e-mail address and any other information you provide during registration and any others that introduces or provides when ordering, receiving or using services provided by the provider, participate in promotions, sweepstakes and contests, filling out questionnaires, questionnaires, forms, etc. and will use the same supplier under the PDPA.

Article  14. Provider: cared for information in the store is always maintained accurate and current, but does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the same, shall not be liable for failure to provide access to the store, and fallow or untimely processing of applications for purchase in the event of circumstances beyond his control - cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network, it ensures that access to the store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free of errors, far exceeds the capacity, control and his will, so far has no ability to change, control or otherwise influence the quality and suitability for use by the user of the goods shall not be responsible for compliance with applicable legal requirements and merit, not liable for damage caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way by him, as there is no objective possibility and obligation and does not monitor Internet sites and resources made available through the shop and put in profile electronic links and banners; not responsible for the illegal nature of the content and materials in these websites and resources, shall not be liable for any damages or lost profits arising from the use, dostapa or falsehood of these materials and content ; no obligation and objective ability to control how the user uses the shop.

Rights and Obligations of User

Article 15. User agrees: to designate an accurate and valid telephone, shipping address and email address for correspondence; to pay the price of goods declared by him, to pay costs of delivery; to receive goods; not to submit false or invalid requests or any other false information. User bears full responsibility for all acts performed by him.

Article 16. User has the right to: access online to the Provider, subject to the conditions and requirements for access, access and correction of online personal data; refuse to accept as stated by him to purchase goods subject to legal requirements / OCA, CPA /; to receive the full amount paid by him amounts;

Article 17. User agrees to: comply with Bulgarian legislation, these Terms, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency, not to violate another's property or moral rights, including intellectual property, immediately notify Provider of any case of infringement committed or using the store, not to interfere in the proper operation of the system, including but not limited to not frustrate the procedure of identification of another user can not accessed outside the allocated, not to prevent other users to store, not extracted by technical means or by technical means information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located in the store and thus does not create a database in electronic or otherwise, not to impersonate another person or an legal person or group of people who have no authority to represent, or otherwise mislead others about your identity or affiliation to a group of persons, not to carry out malicious actions under these Terms. Failure to comply with obligations Provider may immediately and without notice suspend access to the User and third party access to its user profile and the right to compensation for any damages and lost profits, which have a direct and immediate consequence of the failings of the previous paragraph of the User. In these cases the supplier has the right to approach the competent authorities to establish the offense.


Article 18. The contract between the parties is terminated and the occurrence of any of the following circumstances: cessation of activity by the supplier, the termination of the maintenance shop, by giving one week's notice to the other party in case of default of its obligations under the contract or in other cases provided by law .

Benefits. Invalidity. Dispute resolution.

Article 19. User shall indemnify the Provider and any third parties for damages and lost profits, including all costs and paid legal fees incurred as a result of claims by and / or compensations paid to third parties in connection with breach of its obligations under this contract, breach of the Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, these Terms, morality and / or Internet ethics. User shall indemnify Provider for any damage caused by third parties who have provided your password, use the same.

Article 20. The Parties declare, in the event that any of the clauses in these Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid, this shall not entail nullity of the contract, clauses or other parts. Invalid clause will be replaced by mandatory rules of law or practice.

Article 21. All disputes between the parties is resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, all outstanding disputes arising from the contract between the parties or relating thereto, including disputes arising from or related to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes about filling gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly arisen circumstances, shall be resolved by the courts of the competent court in Sofia.

Article 22. The written form is considered to be complied by sending an email, pressing an electronic button in a content page which is filled by the User or ticking a box on the website of the Provider and the like, as far as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows be reproduced.

For the purposes of these Terms, the following terms and expressions have the following meanings:

   1. "Website / Site is a special place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unique address (URL) protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.
   2. www.opreff.com is e-commerce website - to sell goods at a distance, which are delivered after their explicit expressions of the User.
   3. "User" means a natural person over 18 years, or entity which is registered in Bulgaria and has agreed to these Terms.
   4. "Manufacturer" means any natural or legal person who professionally manufactures finished goods or substantially changed or transformed into a product with a view to placing on the market or given to a manufacturer by affixing to the product, its packaging or on the technical or commercial documentation her his name or company, its manufacturing or other distinctive mark.
   5. "Package" means vessels and any other components or materials that are fit to serve to contain and store various products offered direct to the consumer.
   6. "Price" is the ultimate price for a unit or a specified quantity of goods or services, including value added tax and all other taxes and fees.
   7. "Accident" was unforeseen at the time of the contract in circumstances of extraordinary nature, which makes his performance objectively impossible.
   8. "E-link" is a link labeled in a website that allows automatic referral to another website, information resource or object using standardized protocols.
   9. "Information System / System" means any individual device or group of interconnected or related devices in executing a program provides, or one element of which ensures automatic data processing.
  10. "IP Address" ("IP address") is a unique identifier, associating a computer, Internet site or resource user, in a way that allows their location in the Internet.
  11. "Commercial communications" are advertising or other messages, representing directly or indirectly, goods, services or reputation of the person making the trade or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession.
  12. "Malicious acts" are acts or omissions in violation of netiquette or causing injury to persons connected to the Internet and associated networks, sending spam (unsolicited commercial messages, SPAM, JUNK MAIL), channel flooding (FLOOD), gaining access resources to foreign rights and passwords, use of system faults for personal benefit or to obtain information (HACK), perform actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or data sets (CRACK ), sending a Trojan horse or virus causing installation or remote control systems, disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks, perform any actions that may be classified as a crime or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or other applicable law.
  13. "Website is an integral and distinct part of the website.

  Terms may be changed unilaterally by the supplier after the change shall notify the User by sending him e-mail and / or publish on the website in a prominent place for this message. Changes in Terms and Conditions do not affect the relationship between User and Provider arising with validly submitted prior notification application for purchase of goods.

  For all matters, the provisions of existing legislation in Bulgaria.

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