Opreff - Wine cellar

Dear friends and partners,

For years on end our goal is to approve the faith of the Bulgarians in our land. Managed with love and professional responsibility, our homeland could be a mighty mine of welfare and success.

The business activities of those, that stake on the native production is an arduous task. The Bulgarian contractors are facing with tremendous challenges in their aim to regain the success of our agricultural products on the European markets. Their enthusiasm and ambitions have chances like generous land, traditions in agricultural skills and industrious people, who dream for better life. Companies, like our do their best for this happy life of our people.

To restore the successful traditions of our farming and to produce victuals of the future is the idea that we share with many others. We have the firm ambition to fill with life this idea, developing new technologies in cultivating perennial plants as well as in wine production, and to offer the fruits of the Bulgarian land to all their admirers.

Todor Oprev

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